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Our Mission

Be relevant to the decision makers that shape a sustainable future for rural and regional Australia by providing reliable data and workable solutions to a diversity of problems

River Consulting provides social and economic research into issues of:

  • Natural Resource Management – including land, water, coastal, marine, climate and biodiversity
  • Regional development – in Northern Australia and beyond
  • Sustainable livelihoods and community wellbeing
  • Policies, incentives and institutional arrangement
  • Indigenous values and resource use

Scientific and participatory methods are combined to provide tailored approaches for:

  • Economic research and analysis
  • Social research and analysis
  • Integrated impact assessment
  • Appraisal of uses and environmental values
  • Scenario development and analysis
  • Policy analysis and design
  • Institutional analysis and review

Our Approach

The staff of River Consulting work intimately with clients and stakeholders to

  • Improve understanding of issues, processes, impacts and developments
  • Develop conceptual and data foundations for improved decision making
  • Conceive and implement workable solutions to complex problems

We collaborate with a range of research providers including universities, government organisations and other consultants.

* Social & Economic Research * Environmental Values: Land, Water, Biodiversity * Community Well-being
* Natural Resource Management * Rural Industries: Viability, Innovation, Adjustment * Risk management
* Regional Development: Options & Scenarios * Policies & Incentives for Sustainable Resource Use
* Nature-based Tourism * Coastal & Marine Issues & Management * Indigenous Participation
* Wet & Dry Tropics * Tropical Savannas * Gulf of Carpentaria * Kimberley * and beyond

Address: PO Box 1311, Townsville, North Queensland 4810
Mobile: 0418 242 156
Email:[ publications ]

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